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The values of the web are mobile

February 25, 2013

Today was a very big day for the Mozilla project. Mozilla has changed the world in many ways through its message of openness, transparency, user sovereignty and privacy on the web.

It tore down a monopoly and help build up the web to be one of, if not the most powerful communications system ever built.

 And today, Mozilla took all of that work, all of that thought leadership and all those ideals and made them mobile.

And today, the industry responded with massive support.

What does massive support look like?

It looks like the CEOs of America Movil, DT, Qualcomm, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, Telenor, and ZTE all getting up on stage at the same time, and stating that the mobile system that truly serves consumers and developers, and that has the potential to be the best mobile experience is the one that is open, transparent and available for all to contribute.

But it wasn’t just telecom carriers and device manufacturers that lined up behind FirefoxOS today. Loaded on the phone were apps by Facebook, Twitter, EA, Soundcloud, MTV, Zeptolabs (Cut the Rope) and Disney, to name just a few.

App developers want more choice in how they reach their audience and they don’t want to be subject to the mercurial rules of an app store.

App developers are saying that HTML5 is ready for prime time on mobile and they are providing the apps to prove it. Anyone who thinks mobile HTML5 isn’t ready for games didn’t see Cut the Rope and Poppit today on FirefoxOS.

And just wait until GDC in March when we’ll be showing games by Disney and other large studios and publishers.

The web is back and the web is mobile.

And even more important than that, the values of the web about providing people around the world free and open opportunity, unencumbered by the narrow interests of a few companies are now baked in to the most exciting mobile platform in the market.

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