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Creating magic on the web: Firefox and gaming

March 24, 2013

One of the great things about working on the Firefox Marketplace apps program is the opportunity to meet and interact with really amazing people.

I’m really looking forward to moderating a panel with Rich Hilleman, Chief Creative Director for EA, and Diana Moldavsky, Chief Revenue Officer for Zeptolabs, and talking about how HTML5 gaming is helping developers find new audiences and business models.

As Hilleman highlights in the embedded video, gaming is about magic and creating experiences at the outer edges of your consciousness. EA does that amazingly well across their vast catalog, as does Zeptolabs with its great game Cut the Rope.

For its part, Mozilla is on the forefront of bringing that magic to the web on both desktop and mobile. There is no reason why the web can’t be the biggest gaming platform ever created with millions of people connecting, sharing ideas and exploring those outer edges of consciousness.

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