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ROI of inbound marketing (aka, problems with media business model)

April 18, 2013

Amazing piece on HubSpot’s blog by business journalist Dan Lyons entitled Why I’ve Left the Media Business.

It is a great, if somewhat damning, quick insight into the media business and how it is holding on to a failing business model, namely advertising.

The money quote is here:

At my first meeting with HubSpot, they told me about one of their customers, a company that used to spend $800,000 a year running newspaper ads but now spends $12,000 a year for a subscription to HubSpot and gets better results.

OK, so we don’t know what the “better results” are so we can’t calculate a clear ROI (that was just linkbait), but the point is made: Running with your own content and drawing people to your company is rapidly replacing the shotgun approach of trying to reach everyone, everywhere with advertising.

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