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Company is the Content Lecture 2: Talking

April 21, 2013

Here is lecture two from my class “The Company is the Content.” The case for this lecture was Hubspot, which provides inbound marketing tools for business, mainly SMBs.

Hubspot is pretty a pretty fascinating company to me and I was happy to find a case study on them. They are really one of the innovators in helping companies create and distribute content for marketing purposes. Not only is the content of the case really great, it is particularly well written so it was fun to teach and discuss.

The rest of the lecture looks at examples of what companies are doing to create and distribute their own content. It must be noted that the content here isn’t just marketing content, but also original content created and distributed to educate the market (not necessarily to sell to it.)

The best example in the world is Cisco. Their online newsroom “The Network” runs like and actual newsroom and draws on the expertise of professional industry journalists to research and write stories. The journalists are given considerable leeway to cover the stories they want, and in the manner they want.

Here’s the lecture

Here’s an amusing video from Hubspot explaining “inbound marketing”:

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