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Building an ecosystem around #FirefoxOS

July 8, 2013

It is a great day here at Mozilla central as we see the results of over two years work finally hit the market, FirefoxOS is real and is in stores now.

The team I lead scours the world looking for the best content, games and app partners to support all Firefox properties, but particularly FirefoxOS.

As we know, the joys of a smartphone extend beyond simply making calls, the big question is what apps do you have? What can you do with the phone?

Happily developer of all stripes are lining up to support FirefoxOS and HTML5. Out of the gate we’ve got one of the more innovative and fastest growing developer ecosystems. Sure, there is still a lot of work do to, but one day one check out who we’ve got on-board with FirefoxOS:

…customers will also benefit from easy access to familiar global and local apps through the Firefox Marketplace. Content partners supporting Firefox OS include EL PAÍS, La Caixa, AS, eBay, Badoo, Terra, Telepizza,, KAYAK, The Weather Channel, TMZ, AOL, Wikipedia, CNNMoney, Huffington Post, TIME and Tuenti. This growing list joins existing apps including Facebook, MTV Brasil, Airbnb, Time Out, Twitter and SoundCloud and demonstrates the continuing evolution of the content ecosystem.

Taken right off of Telefonica’s press release.

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