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Doing well by doing good: The new generation of tech entrepreneurs

July 18, 2013

Just got back from a fantastic trip to Calgary, Alberta for some r’n’r, the Stampede and most importantly, AccelerateAB!
AccelerateAB billed itself as the largest gathering of tech entrepreneurs in Alberta history and with +300 people in attendance, that was probably true.
I was lucky enough to sit down with some great companies as well as participate on a panel about strategies and techniques on selling.
The highlight for many was hearing Mozilla’s CEO Gary Kovacs talk about how the next 2 billion consumers will be accessing the web via their mobile devices, and how smartphones like FirefoxOS have the potential to radically accelerate the way economies grow and people escape poverty in emerging markets.

Financial Post | Opinion

Tech entrepreneurs might as well be Martians when compared to those working in other business cultures. And a recent conference in Calgary illustrated the differences.

There’s the dress code. Wall Street certainly remembers how Facebook’s Mark Zuckerman, at the age of 28, pitched his gargantuan IPO in 2012 to investors dressed in jeans, running shoes and a hoodie.

So they’re younger and dress for the playground. But they were also raised in part by high-tech appliances, under disparate sociological circumstances and with differentiated ethical sensibilities.

They believe in collaboration, transparency, generosity, egalitarianism, diversity, social causes, eccentricity and in having fun. They also, however, believe in enterprise and risk taking.

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All of these, and more, were on display at AcceleratorAB, an initiative of C100 and A100, non-profit organizations run by successful tech stars dedicated to accelerating Canadian entrepreneurs.

The conference hosted a roster of fascinating speakers, mentors and start-up…

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