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Apps original series presented by Firefox Marketplace

September 19, 2013

Sometimes you get so caught up in the technology and the “value-proposition” you forget how fun apps can be. That is why it was totally fun to work on Swipe!, an exclusive three-part series on apps and app culture.

Presented by Firefox Marketplace, the show gives the back-story on some of your favorite big-name apps and also introduce you to apps you’ve never heard of, but shouldn’t live without! There’s even a Swipe app!

First up is Swipe’s! look at games and gaming.

Take a look behind the scenes at the future of games at EA. Meet the fantastically fun couple behind the fantastically popular Temple Run.  And find out how mobile phones are making us all game addicts!!

Swipe is fast, fun and has a fresh new take on apps. We’ll be releasing two new episodes soon.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts! Do you like it???

  1. DDD permalink

    It’s fun and contains some interesting content, but the production style is a bit corporate and bland. Unless you are planning slots on BBC or CNN, I think you’d do better with a comedy geek character and a handheld camera. Look at some of the popular web-personas (the Nostalgia Critic, etc) for inspiration!

  2. Keerthi Chandra permalink

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