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The limitless ways we’re social: Swipe Eps. 2

September 26, 2013

We’re social. That’s it, hands down, no debate…when it comes to online activity, we’re social.

Social networking is the single most popular online activity.

We seem to have an almost limitless appetite for new social experiences and new ways to engage each other online, no mater where we are.

SoundCloud lets us share sound. Twitter lets us debate in 140 character thoughts. Vine turns our world into six second video experiences.

In this episode of Swipe we take a look into the crazy world of social and see how we’re using voice, video and chat to communicate (for free) over Line and Viber, how the most fashionable of fashionistas love InstaGram and answer the question of who really has the most Twitter followers.

Check out the episode and c’mon, be social! Let us know what you think in the YouTube comments, blog comments, or on Twitter @firefoxapps


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