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Swipe: Content marketing around apps

October 25, 2013

It has been about a month since I left Mozilla and settled in to Hearsay Social. My last project at Mozilla, and probably one of the most fun, was helping to produce an original content series on mobile app culture called “Swipe.”

Swipe was an experiment in original programming and content marketing. The idea for the show is rooted in the thought that to be relevant to your audience, you have to engage them in a unique way. You need to show them or give them something new.

So we created a web series with high production values that moved the conversation about apps away from geek and geek-culture and tried to bring it more into the mainstream. We looked to brands like Wired or (early) MTV that brought entertainment and technology to the masses. With Swipe, we didn’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of app production, but rather focus on what made mobile apps so fun.

There was also a content marketing side as well. While at Mozilla, I led the content BD team and was responsible for bringing innovative app and content producers to the various Firefox platforms. Swipe was a calling card to show that we weren’t just a technology company, but we were also fun, hip and knew how to talk the language of the mainstream.

Our BD messages were mainly around HTML5 web app production and distribution, but Swipe ditched the technology and talked about what made mobile apps so fun, regardless of the platform.

Here’s the entire series:
Swipe Promo

Episode 1 Trailer: Games

Episode 1: Game Apps

Episode 2: Social Apps

Episode 3: Sports Apps

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