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Tech and the Fortune 500: Building Sustainable Businesses

October 28, 2013

In the fast changing tech world, some values remain constant across all successful companies: Loyalty, Leadership and Longevity, so says a former Cisco colleague of mine Sandhya Venkatachalam.

Tech's Common Good

I was reading an article recently on how Wal-Mart re-took the top spot in the Fortune 500. I clicked to see the latest ranking


Seems like just yesterday that Apple was the biggest company in the world, leading many of us in Silicon Valley to mentally pat ourselves on the back. Finally, everyone could see what we already knew – tech was king. Yet here we are a year later and Apple isn’t even in the top 5. Scroll through and you see that there is only 1 tech company in the top 10, 3 in the top 20, and 5 in the top 50. We can argue all day long about what the right metrics are to measure “big”, but the fact remains that the last 40 years of exceptional innovation and growth in technology as a sector has only resulted in a handful of sustainable companies. Why?


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