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Four basic strategies for social media

November 25, 2013

Before jumping into the world of social media, let’s first try to figure out what we’re doing and why; the “what” is our strategy and the “why” are the metrics we’re going to measure.

When you think about it, there are really four basic things we can do on social. Figuring these out will help us figure out what we’re going to do. The four things are:

  • Brand awareness -> getting people to know and like your brand
  • Influence the market-> promoting a certain point-of-view in the market
  • Lead gen-> generating sales leads
  • Customer support-> responding to customer questions and problems

These are the four basic strategies of social media. Once we understand which strategy we’re going to follow, then everything else falls into place. Understanding these strategies means we can then figure out:

  • What to listen for
  • What to say
  • How we measure success

If we understand our strategy, which is to say what we’re going to do on social media, then we’ll know what to listen for in the social sphere, what we’ll want to say to people who find us in social media, and then how to gauge the success (or not!) of our social activities.

Understanding our strategy is a critical step in entering the social realm. It is worth spending a lot of time on this phase because when a group of people is in a room and someone says that we need to “go social,” everyone will undoubtedly immediately have a different idea of what that means. And that idea in their heads will then inform what each person thinks you should be doing on social.

And that is bad.

So spend the time to understand the various strategies. Talk with your co-workers and get them all on the same page. If you all agree on what your social strategy is, then you’re that much close to agreeing how you need to listen, talk and measure your social activities.

And that is good.

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