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Teaching social media skills to finserv – Hearsay and The American College

June 9, 2015

Happy to see another new partnership for Hearsay announced. We’ve been speaking to The American College for some time about how to bring great social media training and education to their students and today we’re happy to talk about what we have planned.

In case you don’t know, The American College is one of the leading institutions of higher learning dedicated to financial services. They do am amazing job teaching people how to be helpful and successful financial services professionals.

Look for more details soon at the series of courses we’ll be offering with The American College to help train both this generation and the next generation of financial services professionals to use social media in a responsible and effective way to communicate and educate their client

“The American College of Financial Services has a longstanding reputation for offering innovative and relevant practical education and high ethical standards for financial services professionals, so we’re excited to partner with Hearsay Social and include social media for the first time as part of our formal curriculum,” said Robert R. Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer of The American College.
“Advisors know that being social media and digitally savvy has become a prerequisite to reach and connect with both today’s and tomorrow’s generations of clients,” said Hearsay Social CEO and founder, Clara Shih. “More than 110,000 advisors use Hearsay Social and Hearsay Sites today, and we are thrilled to partner with The American College to help them, as well as thousands of others, achieve the next level of professionalism and success through our new joint social media education offering. Advisors asked, and we are delivering.”


Hearsay Social Teams With The American College to Advance Social Business Education — Hearsay Social.

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