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I’m a BD guy based in Silicon Valley, originally from Canada, and am currently the VP of Strategic Alliances at Hearsay Social. Pretty cool gig… I get to work with great people. I also teach a course on B2B social media marketing at Stanford. That is a ton of fun.

This blog is my forum to muse about whatever amuses me. Thoughts and comments are welcome.

There are also other ways to connect with me:

For the formal amongst us, here is my “official” bio (well, it is the thing I send out if someone happens to ask…)

Ron Piovesan is Vice President, Strategic Alliances for Hearsay Social, a leading provider of social media sales and marketing software. He focuses on building and maintaining partnerships with key social media providers, as well as other enterprise software vendors. Prior to Hearsay, Ron led business development for Firefox’s content efforts, which included forming partnerships with such companies as Facebook, EA, Twitter, Disney, YouTube, Wired, and Dropbox among others. Ron spent over seven years at Cisco, mostly recently on the corporate development team where he led a series of equity investments in Latin America and the Middle East. Ron lectures on marketing and social media strategies at Stanford University. He has a Bachelors of Journalism degree from Carleton University in Canada; a Masters in Media and Communications from Goldsmiths College, UK; and an MBA from the joint program at the Columbia GSB and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Course Lectures

Stanford course BUS94: Company is the Content

Recent Articles
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